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[Fanacc] 140824 WuYifan’s reaction when he saw the crowd of fans waiting for him upon his arrival at Shenzhen airport!

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[140824] Kris’s fans who waited him at the Shenzhen Airport, formed a “凡” (Fan) and made a heart shaped.

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140824 堪亦何情 Fanfan’s lovely eyes today 

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[Preview] 140824 #吴亦凡 #Kris @ Shenzhen Airport

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140824 Wu Yifan at  Shenzhen Airport

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140824 Wu Yi Fan’s Airport Fashion

  • Dior Homme— Bee Embroidered Cotton Poplin Shirt
  • Gentle Monster the Dreamer Sunglasses
  • Saint Laurent Skinny Destroyed Cotton Denim
  • Saint Laurent Jodhpur Cropped Boots
  • Black Mask